Kaumarbhrittya / Balrog

Area of Department :- 50.12 sq.mtr.

Number of Teaching staff :-04

Sr.No Teacher Name Designation Teacher Code
1 Dr. Madhavi S. DeodasProfessor & HODAYXX00248
2 Dr. Sudha SinghAssociate ProfessorAYKB00089
3 Dr. Deepa S. KhasgiwalaAssistant ProfessorAYPS00200
4 Dr. Prashant M. WankhedeAssistant ProfessorAYKB00145
5 Dr. Sumit Rameshwar ChutakeAssistant ProfessorAYKB00897

Number of Non-Teaching staff :- 01

Sr.No Non-Teacher Name Designation
1 Smt. Dhotre Sunita SandeepAttendant
Department Details
1 No. of Departmental Library Books102
2 No. of Charts34
3 No. of Models14
4 No. of Specimen30
5 No. of Computer01
6 No. of Printer01
7 No. of Instruments & Equipment91
8 No. of UG Lectures (In last one year)152
9 No. of UG Practicals / Clinicals (In last one year)112
10 No. of PG Lectures (In last one year)381
11 No. of PG Seminars (In last one year)24
12 No. of PG Educational Tours (In last one year)0
13 No. of Published Research Papers by Faculty54
14 No. of Published Books by Faculty0
15 No. of Seminars/Webinars/Workshops/CME Attended by Faculty55
16 No. of Seminars/Webinars/Workshops/CME Organized by Department03
17 No. of Guest Lectures Arranged by Department05
18 No. of Research Projects Completed by Department33
19 No. of Research Projects ongoing in Department13
20 Total No. of Certificates for Basic MET/ health Science Education Technology /Advance MET/HSET, Basic RMW , Advance RMW.17
21 No. of UG Practical's / Clinicals (In last one year) 125
22 No. of PG Practical's / Clinicals (In last one year) 288
23 No. of UG Educational Tours (In last one year)-
24 No. of Published Research Papers by Faculty (In Last Two Year)14