Sharir Rachana

Area of Department :- 315.8 sq.mtr.

Number of Teaching staff :-04

Sr.No Teacher Name Designation Teacher Code
1 Dr. Prashant B. Tople Professor & HODAYRS00185
2 Dr. Dinesh B. Naik Associate ProfessorAYRS00178
3 Dr. Madhuri A. Mahadar Associate ProfessorAYRS00352
4 Dr. Manisha M. BhanageAssistant ProfessorAYRS00154

Number of Non-Teaching staff :- 06

Sr.No Non-Teacher Name Designation
1 Mrs.More Sheetal AmolLab Technician
2 Mr.Chavan Sagar SanduLab Technician
3 Mr.kalbhor Rakesh PralhadLab Assistant
4 Mr.Chaure Anil BapuraoMuseum Keeper
5 Mr.Bandwal Ajay AshokLifter
6 Mr.More Ashok RamchandraAttendent or peon or Multipurpose worker
Department Details
1 No. of Departmental Library Books154
2 No. of Charts134
3 No. of Models62
4 No. of Specimen235
5 No. of Computer01
6 No. of Printer01
7 No. of Instruments & Equipment for dissection62
8 No. of UG Lectures (In last one year)257
9 No. of UG Practicals / Clinicals (In last one year)360
10 No. of UG Educational Tours (In last one year)0
11 No. of PG Lectures (In last one year)496
12 No. of PG Practicals / Clinicals (In last one year)613
13 No. of PG Seminars (In last one year)04
14 No. of PG Educational Tours (In last one year)02
15 No. of Published Research Papers by Faculty27
16 No. of Published Books by Faculty05
17 No. of Seminars/Webinars/Workshops/CME Attended by Faculty50
18 No. of Seminars/Webinars/Workshops/CME Organized by Department04
19 No. of Guest Lectures Arranged by Department05
20 No. of Research Projects Completed by Department58
21 No. of Research Projects ongoing in Department13
22 Total No. of Certificates for Basic MET/ health Science Education Technology /Advance MET/HSET, Basic RMW, Advance RMW.11